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End of Fiscal Year Review 2023: Embracing Evolution 

As the fiscal year 2023 comes to a close, Goldrick Ellis takes pride in reflecting upon its accomplishments, strategic growth, and dedication to delivering exceptional service to clients. Led by Managing Partner Alex Goldrick and Partner & Practice Director Ed Ellis, the firm has continued to thrive, achieving significant milestones and reinforcing its position as a leader in the executive search and advisory industry.

                                                                        Assignment Success Growth


One of the key highlights of this year’s performance review is the successful completion of 24 assignments with clients, reaching an impressive 92% completion rate. Goldrick Ellis remains committed to delivering outstanding results and exceeding client expectations through its meticulous approach and unwavering dedication.

                                                                           Diversity Appointments 


A notable achievement in the area of diversity is the increase in female appointments, with seven such appointments accounting for 29% of total placements. This marks a 4% rise since 2019, demonstrating Goldrick Ellis’s continuous efforts to promote inclusivity and gender diversity within the executive search landscape.

                                                                              New Team Members 


Adding to the firm’s success story, Goldrick Ellis warmly welcomed two exceptional professionals to its team: Sabet van der Westhuizen as Principal and Amy Hewitt as Operations Leader. Sabet brings over 18 years of experience in professional recruitment and leadership search across the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific markets. Her expertise lies in developing tailored talent-sourcing solutions that address the unique needs of her clients. Sabet’s commitment to building enduring client relationships and her passion for empowering talented individuals make her a valuable asset to Goldrick Ellis.

Sabet van der Westhuizen – Principal

Amy Hewitt, with her background in academic services and the mining and minerals sector, brings a diverse skill set to her role as Operations Leader. Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Amy excels in supporting projects, optimising processes, and delivering exceptional results. Her passion for business development and strategy, coupled with her industry awareness, enables her to lead the integration of Executive Search and Advisory services with great impact.                       

Amy Hewitt

Amy Hewitt – Operations Leader

                                                                    Complimentary Advisory Services


Goldrick Ellis is delighted to announce that we have been actively engaged in a series of intensive strategy workshops throughout the fiscal year. These workshops have been meticulously designed to augment our service standards and expand our advisory offerings to better cater to the needs of our valued customers. Through these workshops, we have harnessed the expertise and insights of our dedicated team members to develop innovative solutions and refine our business strategies. These services are directly related to our core leadership search offering. We are thrilled to share that the outcome of these endeavours will soon be unveiled to the market. They will make a substantial impact in our industry and reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional value to leaders and customers alike.

     Keogh Strategic Partnership 


In an exciting development, Goldrick Ellis announced its strategic partnership with Keogh, a collaboration aimed at expanding the firm’s leadership search offerings and delivering enhanced value to clients. The decision to join forces with Keogh Consulting was driven by shared values of integrity and a mutual commitment to excellence. The partnership allows Goldrick Ellis to provide comprehensive selection processes supported by Keogh Consulting’s assessment expertise, ensuring optimal appointment performance for clients.


Image of Goldrick Ellis and Keogh Consulting

Top Left to right: Edward Ellis (Goldrick Ellis) and Margit Mansfield (Keogh Consulting) Bottom Left to right: Ian Geddes (Keogh Consulting), Sabet van der Westhuizen (Goldrick Ellis) and Alex Goldrick (Goldrick Ellis)

Looking ahead, Goldrick Ellis is focused on maximising the potential and performance of newly appointed executives. Recognising that finding the right person for a role is just the beginning, the firm will offer optional value-add services such as executive coaching, mentorship sourcing, 90-day onboarding planning, development programs, organisational health checks, and aligning executives with their leadership teams. These additional offerings aim to set executives up for success and support clients in achieving their goals.

The Goldrick Ellis team is excited about the future and the possibilities that arise from the partnership with Keogh Consulting. As Alex Goldrick noted, “We are on a mission to connect purpose, potential, and performance.” This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Goldrick Ellis, exemplifying their commitment to value creation and the remarkable individuals and clients they have the privilege to work with.

Edward Ellis shared his enthusiasm, adding, “A genuine partnership with Keogh is more than just a union of two companies – it’s a meeting of minds, a fusion of expertise, and a commitment to excellence.” Together, Goldrick Ellis and Keogh are dedicated to unlocking human potential, delivering exceptional outcomes, and creating value in every endeavour.

The Future 


As Goldrick Ellis bids farewell to fiscal year 2023, the firm embraces growth, values, and the promise of an exciting future. With an unwavering focus on excellence and a passion for empowering individuals and organisations, Goldrick Ellis remains committed to providing unparalleled service to its clients, driving success, and making a lasting impact in the executive search and advisory landscape.