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Energy Club February Industry Dinner: Insights

Goldrick Ellis team members, Ed Ellis, Hugo Shao and myself had the chance to attend the Energy Club February dinner, where we learnt about the dynamic world of decommissioning in Australia. This event allowed our team to get a glimpse into some key insights and discussions occurring in the decommissioning space.

Unveiling the Complexities of Decommissioning: Insights from Industry Leaders


As the industry matures, the complexities surrounding decommissioning are becoming increasingly evident. The event granted us insights into how the financial and environmental liabilities associated with decommissioning require robust management strategies. One notable revelation came from Richard Perry of ExxonMobil, who shed light on the significant scale of pending projects around Longford, highlighting Victoria’s emerging role as a pivotal hub for recycling initiatives. Chris See’s insights into projects like the Nganhurra RTM Disposal emphasised the growing trend of major decommissioning endeavours currently underway.

Navigating the Path Forward


Throughout the evening, our featured speakers explored the urgent need to incorporate advanced analytical tools to gain clearer perspectives on decommissioning timelines and budgeting. Moreover, there was a consensus on the necessity for a multi-disciplinary workforce, drawing expertise from diverse sectors such as marine science. Addressing the challenges of securing the right skill sets and generating interest among potential employees, contractors, and investors emerged as critical priorities. It was evident that while the decommissioning sector in Australia is still in its early stages, initiatives like green steel manufacturing and CCS projects in South Australia represent the industry’s potential for eco-friendly solutions.

Strategies for Advancing Decommissioning Practices


The future of decommissioning will require strategic recommendations aimed at driving sustainable practices. Such as the already established National Decommissioning Research Initiative, as well as developing a comprehensive skill strategy. Additionally, there was a call to explore innovative approaches for recycling and disposal, similar to Victoria’s onshore facilities. It was stressed that learning from existing decommissioning cases and collaborating across state boundaries would be key in optimising resource allocation and fostering industry growth.

Our Perspective


At Goldrick Ellis we are always driven by our curiosity to learn more about our ever changing world, and the insights shared at the Energy Club February dinner have fed our curiosity. We look forward to many more events that seek to drive meaningful change within our community.


Written by Shay Donovan