Leadership Search.

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Leadership Search.

Our Approach

Goldrick Ellis is committed to developing a deep understanding of our customers.

We are attentive to the environments in which our customers operate when undertaking a leadership search assignment. 

We believe that for companies to adapt, evolve, and maintain competitiveness, it is vital that there is a diversity of thought, knowledge, and experience within an executive team. 

We are strategic in our approach, thorough when defining the brief, unrivalled in our execution of a market research strategy, and relentless in seeking consistency and efficiency in our execution.

Our Approach.


Knowledge, Market Research & Intelligence

Goldrick Ellis is dedicated to the industries we serve. We are continuously curious, seeking new knowledge and insight that enable us to be effective.

We invest heavily in market research and data acquisition, utilising our market intelligence in order to make data-driven recommendations to our customers. We are strategically attentive and informed.

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A puzzle piece fitting into the last remaining spot. A green circle is underlaid

Culture & Environment

Goldrick Ellis strives to have an acute understanding of our client’s organisational cultures, inner and external environments. 

We are conscientious and attentive when assessing candidate psychology and their likely behaviours. Our goal is to minimise surprises, and through design, bring about assurance and confidence in appointment performance.


Human Potential

We understand the power of enabling human potential. We challenge our own biases and thought processes, continuously calibrating our lens in identifying talent.

We respect the brief, but also seek to push the boundaries in exploring new possibilities beyond the initial scope.

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Transparency in

Our Process

Goldrick Ellis values thoroughness in a process, and has an unwavering commitment in assuring transparency and objectivity in an executive selection.

We appreciate that an executive selection can be a complicated and a delicate process. 

We think and act human first.

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