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October Industry Dinner – Key Insights

At Goldrick Ellis, we are a practice that embodies our core values of being human, curious, courageous, and resilient. These values aren’t just text on paper; they are the compelling force behind our devotion to serving local, regional, and global brand leaders in the energy, mining and minerals, chemical, infrastructure, and technology sectors. 



Last Thursday, four of our team members attended the Energy Club WA October 2023 Industry Dinner where we heard from Justin Nash, the Head of Business Development at BP. 

His presentation about the transformation of the former oil refinery in Kwinana left us intrigued and, interestingly, drew parallels to the values we hold dear at Goldrick Ellis.




1) It Takes a Village

Being Human: We believe in collective efforts, just as a village unites for a common purpose. Collaboration with our clients is key to progress.

2) Learn from the Locals

Being Curious: Nash stressed the importance of local knowledge, resonating with our deep curiosity to understand our clients and industries.

3) Capability Counts

Being Courageous: We empower clients to navigate change courageously with the necessary capabilities.

4) Participate in Partnerships

Being Resilient: Resilience and partnerships enhance sustainability and support our clients.

5) We Need to Eat Elephants

Being Courageous/Resilient: Challenges are monumental, but we encourage breaking them down into manageable steps.


The parallels between Goldrick Ellis’s values and Justin Nash’s lessons are evident. We share the vision of transforming industries and embracing change, always providing a human touch, curiosity, courage, and the resilience to keep moving forward.


Written by Shay Donovan