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Women in Energy & Wise Professional Network’s 2024 International Women’s Day panel and networking event

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Wise and Women in Energy last night was an affirmation of the strides we are making towards realising purpose through human potential, especially for women in the subsea energy and wider sectors. The evening was a vibrant tapestry of stories, insights, and collective wisdom, honouring the theme “Count Her In: Accelerating gender equality through economic empowerment.”

The Panel of Leaders


The panel, comprised of a diverse group of leaders, showcased an array of impressive careers that cut across the energy sector. From Julie Fallon’s extensive experience in LNG operations to Sevi Rich’s strategic role in mining and energy transition, each brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Lauren Kay’s insights from her time with Chevron to Michelle Shepherd’s impactful work at Synergy, and Kate Ryan’s leadership in energy market policy at AEMO, illustrated the variety of pathways women are carving in the industry. Their collective narratives not only highlighted the progress made but also the innovative spirit driving the sector forward. Each career story on the panel was a chapter of progress, underlining the significance of diverse experiences in shaping a resilient and dynamic energy landscape.

Count Her In: The Discussion


The discussion brought to light the real-world implications of this year’s theme, discussing how pivotal flexible work arrangements are for women’s progression into senior roles. The conversation was a mirror to the values we hold dear at Goldrick Ellis, where ‘flexibility’ is not just a buzzword, but a real, practised value. One we hope to encourage others to share as we embrace diversity across gender, culture, thought and knowledge.

Amy Hewitt

My Own Journey


Reflecting on my own journey, I’m immensely thankful to have experienced this first-hand. The leap I took to advance my career, backed by a team that genuinely lives by the mission of ‘Realising Purpose through Human Potential’, has allowed me to stretch beyond what I thought possible. Being supported to grow professionally while being a mum has shown me the real value of an environment that nurtures potential with authenticity, flexibility and trust.

Navigating the Path to Equality Together


The path to equality is a collective effort. Let’s take inspiration from the leaders we heard last night and become catalysts in our own spheres. Whether it’s saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities, asking for what you need, or supporting others in their growth, every action counts. Here’s to building workplaces and communities where everyone—women and men—have the support to thrive and lead a balanced life.


Written by Amy Hewitt